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I’m intuitive and always by heart abstract hobby artist based on the beautiful West Coast of Norway. Originally from Poland living in Norway last forty years.

As long I can remember I love to paint but first in 2020 I have enough strength to do something about it so I caught up with my old passion and express myself now through my paintings.
I use mixed media techniques on acrylic paintings.
I alternate between abstract landscape and spaces, warm and cold colors.

The ideas come to me sometimes just by colors, tones or moods. I observe the local environment, people and nature and this gives me an intuitive, suggestive and emotional expression.

Some of my paintings speak to me more than others so, many times, a little supplementing poem comes in mind. I usually have a whole story to the painting but I like to use a few words to capture it.



Group exhibitions:


MATER «Reconditis Oedipus»

2020 International Contemporary Art exhibition in Milano, Italy

Participation in TAE21
Twitter art Exhibition, charity postcards fundraising.

About Me


  • Møre og Romsdal, Norway