As an artist, my passion for painting is evident in my daily practice, as I paint every day and find great joy in the process. I am not limited to any specific style or medium and am always experimenting and exploring new ways to express myself through my art. My artworks are always an intuitive expression of the moment, movements, and feelings, and my artistic pathway is constantly evolving. I am not afraid to take risks and push boundaries in my work, always striving to create pieces that are unique and meaningful. I believe that this continuous experimentation and exploration is what keeps my art fresh and exciting.

I believe that it is never too late to start something new, and that is exactly how my journey with painting began. The pandemic and the resulting home office situation left me feeling bored and uninspired, but I stumbled upon acrylic paint courses online and thought, "why not?" I took one course and then another, and soon the passion for canvas painting became my most important hobby. This passion led me to take more courses and do more research on art, and I've been able to connect with other Norwegian and international artists to learn and grow as an artist. The pandemic brought on a difficult time, but it also gave me the opportunity to discover my love for painting and to pursue it fully.

My ideas come to me through the use of color, tone, and mood. I observe the environment, people, and nature to inspire my work and give it an intuitive, suggestive, and emotional color expression. Some of my paintings hold a special meaning to me and often a poem comes to mind as a supplement to the artwork. In every piece of my work, whether it is an original canvas, a framed piece or something on paper, I strive to create an unforgettable and visually pleasing experience for the art collector. My standards are high and I am dedicated to providing high-quality and meaningful art for my audience. 

I welcome you to explore my work and see for yourself.

2022 International Art and Find Day participation 

2021 International Prize

“Ambassador of Art”.

The Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 

Participation in international artistic prize organized by the Pinacothèque, a private museum located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Twitter art Exhibition, 

charity postcards fundraising

2020 International Contemporary Art exhibition in Milano, Italy


Catalog “Ambassadors of Art 2021 - International Prize”.

Art International Contemporary Magazine of May June 2021

Art catalog Tweeter art exhibit #TAE21 Cheltenham

International Art Exhibition in Milan,  Mater 2020, Italy

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